trouble herself

i started making mix tapes in the 80's as a ten year old. my sister shaved my head to match tony hawk. We painted the dead milkman cow on my jean jacket. I wrote "i hate you ronald reagan" on my tshirts. that little punk wanted to own a coffee shop. that little punk wanted to live in California because Black Flag was on that coast.i was gonna make it. i was raised with the America Dream in the rust belt of Cleveland, Ohio by an immigrant father and an ex nun. failure was not in our vocabulary.

but one day i fell down. i was fifteen.

i searched for twenty years in nine cities. living on the streets with a few couches in between.

i am not here to tell a sad story.

i am here to open the door to a beautiful life based on the truth that lives in you thru my struggles and my hope.

trouble is not only a coffee co it is a community of people and power that kept me alive.

i was diagnosed with schizophrenia by Stanford University at the age of 33.

18 years after my first episode.

the salt and the cold sea kept me alive long enough till i found the help i needed.

my network in the bay area is the reason i have made my life as a working artist selling beautiful hand-crafted coffees in three of my installations.

you will make it. we will help. build your own damn house.

guts and honor and a little bit of judas priest is the trick.