three coffee shops. three stories.

each shop shows the struggles. the hope and the passion of trouble herself.

  they are an art installation that does indeed sell coffee .coconuts. toast and a gift to yoko ono: the yoko.

We brew elbow grease on drip.

we pull the hammer.

  est.2007    4033 judah st    SF CA


4033 judah st


Ocean Beach

The headquarters. broke with a dream. built out of the wood off ocean beach and fences from outer sunset yards. my friends from all over the bay came to build my own damn house.my first real home in over a decade. I slept on the floors for over a year and built it little by little. restored a junkyard la marzocco espresso machine and put some records on and opened the door and made 70 dollars. stoked from day one.

  est.2011    1730 yosemite    SF CA


1730 yosemite



The Yosemite street clubhouse is a dedication to my life as a music promoter in the deep south of Columbia, South Carolina and Athens,GA. and now SF. the shop shows my passion for noise and thrash and free jazz.  it is designed in black steel as a dedication to the working hands that built San Francisco. bayview hunters point is the heart and soul of our city. they will have my heart and soul forever.

  est.2015    1545 willow    OAKLAND, CA


1545 willow


 West Oakland

this shop is dedicated to my first kiss. i was 12 years old. it is a dedication to those 3 years with that first true love. my first record. my first punk t-shirt. . my first paintbrush. and a blacked out photo of ronald Reagan. the late eighties began my quest to live free and die old. this shop was when my life was a bike ride and a peck on the lips and my walkman. this shop is all white from top to bottom to represent the time before all the colors of chaos scattered thru my brain just three years later. this shop is clarity. this shop is your first kiss.